Jockey Underwars


Challenged with launching a campaign to introduce new products, build brand awareness and increase market share among a younger audience, we created an online underwear dancing community and tournament. 

People submitted videos and challenged each other in dance-offs for votes, concluded in a 128-slot bracket tournament for a grand prize of $5,000. Jockey Underwars gained national coverage on NBC, MSNBC, and Sports Illustrated.



— Creative Director


User submitted video from Oliviahuff

f37a116270417d296f9a12f95c44f063.jpeg allowed users to submit dance videos (in their underwear) for the ultimate dance off for cash.


Select opponents to challenge and let the people vote!


Contestants competed against each other in versus mode as well as a championship tournament bracket for cold hard cash.


Grand champ won $5,000.


To raise awareness for Jockey, the site showcased a new line of underwear that promoted being comfortable in your own skin.

Jockey loved the campaign so much they ran it twice, once over College Basketball's March Madness.