Madden Giferator

Part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code partnership with EA Sports, Madden GIFERATOR gives NFL fans a new language to celebrate winning moments and trash talk their rivals as games unfold live. Beyond its goal of introducing NFL fans to Madden 15, GIFERATOR has quickly achieved mass popularity and invaded every corner of online culture.


– Creative Director


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Madden GIFERATOR launched for NFL’s kick-off weekend and by Monday was used to create over 200,000 GIFs. NFL teams, players, and fans quickly adopted GIFERATOR as a bullhorn for anything and everything football.

GIFERATOR then catapulted into popular culture as it began trending on Tumblr, spawned its own subreddit, and exploded on Twitter. The media piled on, covering it from every angle. Outlets as diverse as The Washington Post and Buzzfeed, Fox Sports and College Humor, Fast Company and Maxim jumped on the GIFERATOR and shared all the creative, crazy and unintuitive ways people found to use it.