"Quan has got it goin' on. In 6 years at Red Bull, I've never really found that many people that truly get our branding strategies...and I can honestly say that Quan is one of those people that not only gets it, but brings fresh, creative, innovative ideas to the table. That's what I want in a partner, and that's what I get from Quan."

-Josh Mohr, VP Consumer Marketing at CytoSports


"Quan is the real deal. He has the creative talent to blow the lid off while fostering trust and confidence in his working relationships. Quan will never let his constituents down--he delivers on his promises and brings a big package of tenacity and passion. In summary, Quan gets it!"

-Greg Kurowski, Vice Chair at Periscope


"The man talked me into jumping out of a plane for god's sake, and now I dream about doing it again EVERY DAY. We've  been working closely together for on a project that I am thrilled about and can't wait to launch. If it weren't for Quan's involvement, this project would not have happened. I can honestly say that I've never worked with an art director that puts his heart and soul into something the way he does. Whatever it takes. Write a haiku for a client as part of a presentation? Sure! All in a day's work for Quan. Amazing."

-Amber Graves, Group Account Director at Carmichael Lynch